Blurred Mona Lisa Smiles. Artist Maan Limburg Model Poeka Witts MUA Charlotte van Beusekom
"The Lost World" -
photobook & exhibition about desolate places in Japan
Laughing model Tinotenda Mushore by Maan Limburg - MUA Charlotte van Beusekom - Shot during a workshop Maan gave
Close up of a yellow rose by Maan Limburg, colourful
Portrait of Jannah in red by Maan Limburg, a young woman peeks through a red veil
Portrait of artist Sophie Pluim in red veil by Maan Limburg, on a red background
Shot in Hongkongese toilets, photographer Emily drinks Chocolate sits on the floor in a cool red suit. Shot by Maan Limburg
White Flower by Maan Limburg, crispy image
Portrait of actor Myra Schouten by Maan Limburg, intense photography with female model looking into the lens
Yasmine Asha portraited by Maan Limburg

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