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A girl that rises, like a godess, from a wet cloth like those old greek marble statues
Part of my series “Like Stone” on display at Foto Festival Naarden 2021.
“The Lost World” has it’s roots in a fascination of the disregard people have to anything they no longer desire. Set against the backdrop of rural Japan, I have photographed deserted places, buildings and nature. While this country is famous for its advanced technology, there seems to be a 13,6% surplus of unwanted areas and buildings. I explore the uncanny beauty of these scenes and try to show others the value of these places through my images. You will be able to experience a bit of my wonder through pre-ordering my artbook and visiting my exhibition coming the 16th of may 2022.
“Tivoli 245” is an exploration of the old Tivoli Oudegracht building that was home to the Utrecht music scene for 33 years.
Hong Kong nightclub Ophelia invited me to have an exhibition. “Asphyxia” ran for three months in 2018 and was well received.

Exhibitions & Talks

My project The Lost World goes live on 16/5/2022. More information, pre-orders and exhibition locations on the website.
Selected for Fotofestival Naarden – come visit between 3rd July – 29th of August
Part of the Kiekie Art Collection with Tako No Te & Hasunohana
Part of Pakje Kunst
Wisselspoor expositie @ Perron E
My images of the old Tivoli 245-venue were on view at
De Echo van Tivoli
Het Filmcafe
These places also displayed my artworks
Watdajel Festival
Louis Hartloper Complex
& TAP invited me to be one of their speakers
-Talks About Photography
2018 and before
Asphyxia at Ophelia, Hong Kong
Portret, Gallerie Mereveld
maan moon