“All eyes on me!” 

“Here, photographer Maan Limburg and make-up artist Charlotte van Beusekom explore four ways to accomplish this by creating beauty looks that would render any facial-recognition software useless. The pictures are based on the requirements for your passport photo and are (debatably) within the legal boundaries of Hong Kong legislation. By using hair to reshape the face, and by using make-up or simple stickers to block important measurement points – such as the distance between the eyebrows and between the eyes, ears and nose – even sophisticated recognition programmes would have trouble identifying this person.”

Read the whole article in Hashtag Legend (July 2019 – Identity Issue) or online on their website

I helped Pierot upgrade their bridal lookbook 😍

This image of the old Tivoli-venue was on exposition in the summer of 2019. You can find it over at:
De Echo van Tivoli &
Het Filmcafe
But please also come say hi at
Watdajel Festival
Louis Hartloper Complex
– HTMU-Loods (sept.)
-Talks About Photography
& see some other art of me this summer 🦀

Recently I’ve really enjoyed shooting promotional pictures for artists, writers and creatives such as the amazing DJ Marguillierphilosopher Andrea Speijer-Beek, the band PocketKnifeArmysinger & musician Tom Wesselinkwriter Susan van ‘t Hullenaar. and the guys from Hard2Get

Up and coming ethical Dutch-Ugandian clothing line Langi asked me to shoot their first lookbook 🎉 I really love working for brands with a mission
Osso is something different. It’s a theatre play about and with (formerly) homeless youth, which is actually not that uncommon in the Netherlands. Working with and for this group of people was a pleasure 

Do you like what you see
& would you like some pictures
for your own purposes? 

Send me an email! 

The exclusive leather wear shop House of SxN 
asked me for their new lookbook

Toeps asked me to be the second shooter for this cute new NOMI shapewear campaign! This is what I shot that day

La Nonette and I collaborated on these pictures for her illustrative label

VERS Magazine, the magazine of the biggest association of young film and television creatives in the Netherlands, commisioned a photo essay of gem’s from the archives of Beeld & Geluid instituteThe latter enjoyed this essay so much they purchased the series for their own PR too ✨ 

What's for dinner?

In 2018, the renown Hong Kong based Dining Concepts commissioned images of eighteen venues for their new website

Pierot Coiffure commissioned these images for their new website www.hairbar.nl

Hong Kong nightclub Ophelia invited me to do an exposition. “Asphyxia” ran for three months and was well received.

Toeps.nl invited me to be second shooter for this lovely Ydence lookbook 

Pierot Coiffure worked together with the Reinders twins & yours truly for
-> www.hairbar.nl

Dj ST. Paul asked me for his new promopictures 

Triomf commissioned photo- & audio-portraits of Triomf-family members for an exposition at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017 about, well.. Triomf 🙂

Statesmen commissioned new bandpictures 

Campaign images for www.inlichtingen.info

Product photography
for various goldsmiths such as:
Maja Houtman,
Juffrouw Dubois & the 
“Schatten van Utrecht” collective

The multi-talented Krista Arriëns came by for some new pictures.

Whenever I’m shooting businessportraits for clients, 
be it company’s such as Pallas Advocaten or Socius wonen or just one freelancer, I try to get a shot that’s really “them”. And fun. I love smiling people. If you also want (a) businessportrait(s), send me a message ♡

De Bewustzijnschool asked me to portray their look & feel for their website

& these company’s also hired me to photograph (and film) for them: 

Again: Do you like what you see
& would you like some pictures
for your own purposes? 

Send me an email!