“Please excite me” – Utrecht Overvecht
In times of Corona, photoshoots are different. During the first lockdown in March I was trying to work around the restrictions the (Dutch) government had laid out for us and photographing models through new digital means. These pictures are shot through webcam or mobile phone. The quality is bad, but it’s good to stay creative during quarantaine. 
Maki (Tokyo)
Searching for other safe ways of taking pictures, through-window-photography came to mind.
By creating a physical barrier it’s possible to shoot safely. 
It does involve shouting at your model a little though.
Finding more like-minded models, I decided to continue my search for creativity through digital means.
More images per shoot can be found on my instagram.
Ruimtewezen (Den Haag)
And then came along #PingPongPhoto!
An idea of Félice Hofhuizen and Luc Satter that I thought was amazing. I asked Félice if it was OK to use her idea, and together we started the Instagram account PingPongPhoto 🏓📸 where photographer A plays an image to photographer B, who plays to photographer C  – etcetera. It’s exciting to see how images rhyme and what associations and connections are made through these pictures. The project is closed now.
maan moon