In times of Corona, photoshoots are different. Anno october 2020 I work with distance and a mask. But during the lockdown I was trying to work around the restrictions the (Dutch) government had laid out for us and photographing models through new digital means. These pictures are shot through a webcam or a mobile phone. The quality is bad, but it is a means of creating in this time of quarantaine. 

Maki (Tokyo)

Searching for more safe ways of taking pictures, through-window-photography came to mind.
By creating a physical barrier it is possible to shoot safely for both parties involved. 

It does involve shouting at your model a little though.

Finding more like-minded models, I decided to continue my search for creativity through digital means.
More images per shoot can be found on my instagram.

Ruimtewezen (Den Haag)

And then came along #PingPongPhoto!

An idea of Félice Hofhuizen and Luc Satter that I thought was amazing. I asked Félice if it was OK to use her idea, and together we started the Instagram account PingPongPhoto 🏓📸 where photographer A plays an image to photographer B, who plays to photographer C  – etcetera. It’s exciting to see how images rhyme and what associations and connections are made through these pictures.