These clients have booked me for images of their business, headshots and boss-portraits
The “Raad van Arbitrage” needed new headshots of all their Arbiters. It’s a work in progress that you can witness on their website. 
Shot some atmospheric images to illustrate Pallas Employment Lawyers new website
Filmed five instructional videos for PLUS Supermarket after initial lockdown (2020).
Concept: PLUS Supermarket. Cook: Naresh Ramdjas.  Film & production: Maan. Edit: Naomi Bais.
The inventive people of Save Plastics developed their own home – Save Home – made almost completely out of recycled plastic and highly sustainable. It’s a modular and even movable construction. I was honored to supply them with promotional pictures of their innovative house.
Whenever I’m shooting business portraits for clients, be it companies such as Pallas Employment Lawyers, TMI Academy, Socius Wonen, or freelancers, I try to get a shot that really captures “them”. And is fun. I love smiling people. If you also want businessportraits, send me a message ♡

What’s for Dinner?

In 2018, the renown Hong Kong based Dining Concepts commissioned images of eighteen venues for their new website.
De Bewustzijns school asked me to portray their look & feel for their website 🌿
& these company’s also hired me to photograph (and film) for them: 
Let me know if I can help you with anything!
maan moon