This is a (small) selection of my creative clients and their photographic needs
VERS Magazine called on me for their 2020 magazine. I was invited to shoot and interview three of the top Dutch costume designers: Margriet Procee, Alette Kraan &  Monica Petit.
New press photos for “De zomer van de Sekszusjes✨
Promotional images for “Postcast” ✉️
Promotional pictures for artists, writers and creatives such as singer & musician Tom Wesselinkphilosopher Andrea Speijer-Beek, writer Susan van ‘t Hullenaar, and the guys from Hard2Get
Various festivals & nightclubs employed me as their nightlife photographer
(A.o.: TivoliVredenburg, Best Kept Secret Festival, Grasnapolsky Festival, Dining Concepts, Triomf)
VERS Magazine, the magazine of the biggest association of young film and television creatives in the Netherlands, commisioned a photo essay of gems from the archives of Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The latter enjoyed this essay so much they purchased the series for their own PR too ✨ 
The multi-talented Krista Arriëns came by for some new pictures
Dj ST. Paul asked me for his new promotional pictures 
Triomf commissioned photo- & audio-portraits of Triomf-family members for an exposition at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017 about, well.. Triomf 🙂
Let me know if I can help you with anything!