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Without Us

Maan found an incredible number of abandoned houses, factories, hotels and restaurants in Japan – all full of memories of people long gone. Her images of these deserted locations will be shown in the street exhibition Without Us, which curates selected works of her project The Lost World. Location is the Jinny Street Gallery in Tokyo.


Solo exhibition, 2024

The Lost World offers an evocative journey through Japan’s abandoned sites, where almost 8.5 million homes lie vacant. Fascinated by this phenomenon, Limburg spent months capturing these desolate places, revealing intimate stories and human details that transcend typical urban exploration. CNN Travel describes the project as more than just a photo book, as an homage to Japan.

Additionally, her project My AI Dreams explores the intersection of art and artificial intelligence, questioning the role of human creativity in an era where AI can easily produce beautiful imagery.


Group show, 2024

Lost in Japan

Lost in Japan is a project uniting Maan Limburg’s The Lost World and Miyuki Okuyama’s Michinoku Homeward: Walking toward the Northeast which explores both the abandoned houses of Japan and a 400 km journey through Tohoku. Limburg’s photography uncovers poignant memories within empty spaces, while Okuyama’s reflects on her home region’s transformation since the earthquake and tsunami a decade earlier. Together, these works vividly capture the complex problems Japan currently faces. Location of this exhibition was De Nieuwe Gang in Beuningen.

Duo exhibition, 2024

My A.I.dreams

My A.I.dreams won the New Talent Award by Profifoto.de and thus travelled to Obersdorfer Fotogipfel and Photopia Hamburg with the “Best of the Best 22/23”.

Through My A.I.dreams, Maan deals with her own future as a photographer and artist. “I hope that by using these sketches and subsequently photographing something similar, I can start the discussion about what exactly constitutes art – and what makes photography special,” says Maan Limburg. Sonja Hofmann: “Maan Limburg’s work illustrates in an emotional, very own AI-aesthetic-applying way how we have to look for the truth in the picture in today’s flood of images.”


Group shows, 2023

Tales of Absence

Tales of Absence was an exhibition by three artists who traveled separately across the desolate countryside of Japan. By chance we met in the Netherlands. And where Miyuki looked at her home region with a poetic eye, for Maan it was a journey of discovery through a strange land full of vacancy. Nishiko mainly saw broken areas in the Tohoku region, trying in her own way to repair the Japanese disaster of 2011. 

By combining printed images on paper and fabric, repaired objects, smells and sounds all set in a deserted location, we will take visitors on a journey through our memories and thoughts. Both sweet and sour, both the personal and the more observative way of looking at the countryside. Location was kindly provided by Monumentenfonds Utrecht.


Group show, 2023

Lost World

In collaboration with stichting OP& my exhibition LOST WORLD opened on the Nieuwegracht 205 in Utrecht on September 23th 2022. Photos of abandoned Japanese buildings from The Lost World are combined with the unique location of the sixteenth-century Refectiehuis kindly provided by het Monumentenfonds Utrecht.


Solo exhibition, 2022

The Lost World

The first exhibition of The Lost World opened 18 May 2022 at the Ping Pong Club in Utrecht. The location of the deserted royal train depot was mixed with poetic images of empty Japanese spaces, the sounds of deserted locations and smells of the countryside.


Solo exhibition, 2022

Like Stone

In the photo series Like Stone Limburg explores whether she can capture, dramatize, and visualize stillness. By working with movement, fluid substances, and living elements, Limburg investigates the boundaries between the two-dimensionality of photography and the stateliness and three-dimensionality of Hellenistic sculpture. The nudity of the models evokes sensations of vulnerability and desire while the models remain entirely untouchable to the viewer. Maan’s work was on display at the Naarden Photo Festival 2021.

Group Show, 2021

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