About & Contact

Meanwhile, let’s talk business..

As a photographer I really enjoy the diversity of working with various clients.
I’ve worked on assignments for companies such as IKEA and PLUS Supermarket as well as for brands, magazines and creatives (see examples under Commercial).
When working on bigger productions, I really enjoy doing so with Gardner Gallops.

In addition, I’ve had art exhibitions in the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

Before that..

Age seventeen I was scouted to participate in the Dutch version of Next Top Model. This introduction into fashion helped develop my vision when it comes to styling, models & make-up. Doing all this helped cultivate convenient skills such as coordinating photoshoots and an eye for imagery. After this, I studied journalism, whilst learning photography by myself. In 2014 I opened my photography business and here we are.

And about her..

As someone with a lot of curiosity I found photography is my ticket to seeing a lot of places and people I otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to meet. In my personal work, it’s also a chance to play with ideas, colours, anything that inspires. I seriously feel playing is underestimated in this serious world. 

My studio is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

I work worldwide and like to travel to Hong Kong and Japan regularly.


P.s. Maan means “Moon” in Dutch.

Photo by Yasmine Asha