So good to see you!

I’m Maan Limburg, a photographer / artist whose work stems from her wonder about, and lack of understanding of, the world. One of my objectives is to create a world that shows you just how beautiful everything can be – and to make you reconsider what your world looks like. Curiosity is important to me.

My work leans heavily on my ability to connect with others and the pleasure I derive from discovering new people and places. I depict people, like you, and places I come across, my ideas and urges, wonderment and, on bad days, my lack of understanding. In my work I am looking for something genuine. There is room for everyone, no matter our differences, as long as we’re sincere.

In my personal work, I’ll try to connect you with whomever is portrayed although they never really seem to invite you in. There’s an invitation to gaze beneath the surface, to look a little longer, to feel what I want to convey. Through my visual explorations I’ll subtly show you reality is surreal. The photographs I take are vividly subdued – a place where contradictions go hand in hand.

Everything is connected in my self-created world, consisting of colours, textures, layers, and movement. I’m trying to show you everything that is worth seeing.

My commercial work is based mainly on my connection with the portrayed and the pleasure of the exchange with a client. In this work there is often a distinct use of colour and a certain joie de vivre arising from the images.

I find inspiration everywhere, and in almost anything, but recently I’ve been mostly inspired by nature, Nick Knight, Francis Bacon, and Japanese culture. 

My medium is photography – my works are either digital or prints on paper or fabric. Sometimes I work in series, sometimes in books and sometimes in single images. In the summer of 2021 you can come and view my work at FotoFestival Naarden, the Netherlands. Let me know if you can make it 😉

Thank you for reading. Let’s talk soon.

Image by Christian van Duuren
Outtake "The Lost World"