The Future


This shoot was on my wishlist for ages but never seemed attainable; too expensive, too elaborate, too much work. But as soon as I created these images through AI I had to know how I would’ve made them. How do my pictures differ from these AI works? Does “real” add anything? Is there more originality, life, emotion or detail in the images made by a team of humans?


Part of this series on display is AI – part of it is human made. To me & my team it was an exploration of ourselves as creators. It brings us back to big questions like “what is art” and “why does this (artist) have worth”. I’m not trying to answer those questions per se, but I would love to start conversations. What do you think?

Photography & Concept: Maan Limburg
Make-up: Danny Jansen
Models: Tinotenda Mushore & Yasmine Asha

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