Workshops & Internships

Workshops & Internships 

Workshop – Lighting Techniques / Editing 

In 2021 I started offering one-on-one workshops for photographers interested in perfecting their lighting techniques or editing. In a one day course I will take you by the hand to teach you simple, beautiful & effective light set-ups you can use time and time again, even without fancy equipment. These workshops take place in my studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Depending on your level of photographic skills and your interest we can explore studio lighting with up to six flashes & colour-gels, or work with whatever equipment you have.  I can show you what to look out for and what not to do, in a five hour workshop with a styled model so you immediately get usable results. 

We can also dive into the editing process to make sure you make the absolute most of your images. If this sounds good to you, here’s the best tip of the day: These workshop are eligible for subsidy. 

Drop me an email for more information!


Hey you! I get a lot of requests for internships, so if you email me make sure you stand out. Show me that you’ve read this, follow me on IG, and let me know what you appreciate in my work & want to learn from me.

Internships with me will involve a lot of responsibility for your own work, a lot of learning and I hope a lot of fun. I like to travel, so I won’t always have room for an intern. But please feel free to ask 🙂

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