Lighting Techniques Workshop R. by Maan Limburg

Photography is an art form, but luckily it’s one with a very practical side. To me, the basics of photography boil down to three things:

1) Knowing how to get your image.
2) Knowing how to perfect the image to show your vision as clearly as possible.
3) Knowing how to share your work with others.

My workshops center around these three pillars. The first one is the Lighting Techniques workshop, the second is Editing and the third one is not really a workshop, more of a coaching session: Coffee & Questions.

Please feel free to read a little about these to learn more. As always, all of these are tailor-made and processes of collaboration. Let’s talk about them!


(Ik ben trouwens ook gewoon in het Nederlands beschikbaar)

Smiling Zigeurnia by Maan Limburg

Lighting Techniques

In 2021 I started offering one-on-one workshops for photographers interested in perfecting their lighting techniques. In a one day course I will take you by the hand to teach you simple, beautiful & effective light set-ups you can use time and time again, even without fancy equipment. These workshops take place in my studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Depending on your level of photographic skills and your interest we can explore studio lighting with up to six flashes & colour-gels, or work with whatever equipment you have. I can show you what to look out for and what not to do in a workshop with a styled model so you immediately get usable results.

If we have time, we can also dive into the editing process to make sure you make the absolute most of your images. 


Editing is always a very personal choice. With that in mind this workshop has no predefined timeline and is very much influenced by what you want to learn. We can start with the basics, like learning the commonly used Photoshop / Lightroom tools or we start at more specialised knowledge like how to do an high-end skin retouch. Or how to speed up your editing utilising Lightroom. Often we also touch on the idea of photo-organisation and selection, but that’s up to you.

Generally speaking; in a day I can show you both a beauty retouch in Photoshop and walk you through organisation and faster workflows in Lightroom.


Coffee & Questions

Simply because I noticed a lot of photographers / creatives are struggling with questions surrounding money, attracting clients, how to get your work seen, how to run a business, etc – I’ve started doing short coffee & questions sessions (30 mins).

They can be done over real coffee or digitally depending on my (and your) availability, and are pay as you like / can afford. I’ll try to help you along with whatever questions you might have. So far this has proven especially useful for those just starting out or those that feel stuck in a certain area of their creative work.

Light Workshop by Maan Limburg - shot by Twen Zoe
Light Workshop for Y by Maan Limburg - shot by Twen Zoe
Light Workshop for M by Maan Limburg - shot by Twen Zoe
images of workshops by Twen Zoë & Maud B


Some results of the workshop with Yasmine Asha
– Model Tinotenda Mushore – MUA Charlotte van Beusekom

Workshops take place in my fully equipped and spacious studio

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